“Manualising -” et seq genus omne

e.g. “weaving -” [itself ?]

goodasonesword true as one’s word xxxxxxx “How do I know … until … said it” said r.i.p. Deputy Head mistress Mrs Joyce Ralph Margaret Robert Crow

============== “we” question the sustainworthiness of “sexy”
{“TV BBC TWO”World’s Most Extraordinary Homes” – couple from Brazil to Nova Scotia
chose to build and “hang-out” over a “sexy” coastline scene (sea-n):

but much sex is so brief it can’t be based on “pleasurability” nor so shortly on ‘mere’  “pleasure”===============

2222 ——–>recording BBC one Match of the Day (incl secondly Leicester) but I didn’t firstly  like vertical stripes
[Darky Colvin, Norman Tout (Goaly), Morley Kelly, and Mr Sweet (to name but a few Burraton (Saltash)  players WW2

and the————— and channel 5  How Magic Changed TV end of Midsomer Murders ITV3

(whilst practicing (attempting that is) arching the other eyebrow)

0012 ‘discovered’ “showing off how to keep your socks on”

(later 0600 sn 48 Eight Iron Men)