Current “Gordian-Knots” and “Dogs-In-Mangers”

Here at this world’s only Not-for-Profit, Power, nor Prestige  Voluntary “Would-Be Earth-Citizens” Earthlife-supportive table,
your writer-&-publisher (JSDMiles] is endeavouring to “get in touch” with the going powers-that-be …

Saturday 301217
‘we’ the would-be sustainworthying people” are trying to contact such powers-that-be as the Health Committee

relevant to such major ‘power-people’ as Dr and MP for Totnes (Cons) & chair Health Select Committee
Sarah Wollaston addressing Parliament on “Future of NHS”
followed by Chris Ham chief executive King’s Fund

(1)  UK Failures to implement
(i)   UN Declaration of Human Rights 1948;
(ii)   UK 1948 national ‘health’ building service [It is an Illnesses and Hospitals Sector –
never been either a Holistic Wellness building service
nor an Holistic Medical Association
[such as the 1980-ish Gloucester Place BHMA was intended by its creators including Prince Charles to be- ]
(iii)  UN Declaration of Primary Health Care 1978
– its express intention to build health-&-wellbeing mainly outside of the Medical and Illnesses sectors and services
was ignored, all shovelled into the pre-established Primary Medical Care,
and the UN Primary Health Care “slogan” was “hi-jacked, usurped”,
and signs erected all over Britain for Medical Centres falsely claiming to be  “Primary Health Care Centre”.
when they are still dominantly historical Primary Medical Care.Clinics NOT Public Health-&-Wellbeing Education-Centres.,

(2)  Similarly UK Ongoing Avoidance of Individual Human Development and Holistic Wellness-Building Needs

(i)   Even the UN avoids real Individual and Neighbourhood Human Development
by mono-focusing upon Aggregate National ‘Human Development
under an HDI (Human Develop Index) made up of Longevity x Knowledge x Wealth
(ii) Britain is now “nibbling” (as usual)
at the mere edges of this particular Problem

by wanting to mount a new campaign to ‘educate’ all of our leaders and politicians
in our need to separate “Medical Care from Social Care”

when we need
(ii) to “go the whole hog” and create in its own right a
“Wellness-&-Holistic Living Service” 

NB please:  A Spanish nurse here in the UK has advised that Spain has already done such a two-pronged Health strategy
(jsdm  Despite Spain being “on the verge of bankruptcy”
whilst the UK is “profiting” from financial interest gains from Foreign Countries
in an annual amount of approximately 8(eight) times more than the UK is giving-out to Foreign countries in “Aid” –
and  is consuming [including “wasting”]  5-times more than its fair-share of the Earth’s produce and resources
[which “we” here sustainworthyingly call “Lifesupports”].

but ‘our’ UK continues to “tilt at Sustainability and Rights windmills” both of which are demonstrably failing –

{“Sustainability” excludes foundational-“sustainworthiness” from its definitioning, policy, and action-planning:
Excludes from “Rights to meet needs” prior lists and prioritisations of those Needs themselves –

and likewise fails to sustainworthily recognise and prioritise this Earth’s Natural and ‘our’ Civilisational, Lifesupports.


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