“Ships that ‘pass in the night’ “

We are as  “Ships that ‘pass in the night’ ” –
and not two of our 7-billion+ human-beings ‘passes’ the same other ‘ships’ as any other human – [nor probably than any other “creature” ]-

In short – No two life-beings ‘pass’ the same ‘others'(‘experience/meet/see/perceive’) –
[except in very short/brief timeframes of < ~1 second [?] ]


‘Passing-ship #1’ :-  RTNews’s “Worlds Apart with Oksana Boyle” interviews/scrutinises “top influential” individuals
currently the known Russian philosopher Alexander Dugin –

 ([ maybe he has one thing wrong in emphasising both “historical-Russian tradition” and “spiritual values” ])


‘Passing-ship #2’ :-  is actually able to be ‘abiding’ here for many days/weeks/moths/years –

the book  The Self-Care Revolution smart habits and simple practices to allow you to flourish  ( by Suzy Reading)
LOST suddenly – trying now to remember 

‘Passing ship #3 :- Our immediately “co-social and co-democratic” Neighbourhood People
do not inclusively practise either co-sociality or co-democracy (nor ‘democratisation’)
and also maintain me (JSDM of 39B Miles Mitchell Avenue) unjustly wrongly and discriminatorily
permanently banned from entering their Miles Mitchell Estate Village Hall –

 thus, “feed the birds   tuppence a bag” is the only ‘up-front’ – other way of communicating constructively with the living-environment
(other lifeforms appear to rely on “food” as the main communication-medium);

which leads to the need for an equivalent methofology  to ‘No-Lose’ Method III cooperative problem solving
with both the other-neighbourhood-lifeforms and with the neighbourhood-humans