The “United Nations’: Blindly-Insidious Extinction and Mutual-Destruction “World Road-Map”

Simply that the research, and “Life-Findings” being published by true Human Development leaders

leads me to conclude and believe

that the only way to remedy the wrong “Road-Map”
that is “De-Facto Top-Down” directing the Extinction & Mutual-Destruction Future
that our Established Human Development Civilisation
is largely “good-intentionally” but dominantly-unawarely, insidiously ‘sliding down’

is to reasonably-rapidly “grow” a worldwide

Peacefully-Revolutionary Earth-Stewardship Society

made up of National, Regional and Local-Neighbourhoods’ Branches and Associations
in Progressively-Sequenced Plenums

by forming trios of neighbourhood residents into
Cooperatively-Participatory ‘Self-and-Civilisation Co-Sustainworthying” associations

at ‘cooperatively-participative -social-and-democratic-governancial round-tables of three and only three*
at each ‘unit-table’
“feeding” into a plenum
in turn “upwards-funneling”

*  Having (say) one married-couple of established “elite professionals”
together with a disadvantaged lone single
at any table,
would not make for either good nor fair
three-way “co-thinking”, communication,
and “needs-&-hows recognition” recording, and reporting. 

We are “staying tuned”