“Life-Bits Carry-Forwardable ?”

Since “Self-&-Civilisation Co-Sustainworthy-ing” is a “new non-negotiable” –

how should ‘one and/or we’
prioritise …

{e.g. (i)   Only For Ever  {‘evergreen’ song – words and/or music}

(ii) “Our Lifesupporter which is on Earth and in Heaven,
Hallowed be our names;
Our lifedoms come;
Our wishes be done on Earth as they are [pre-] done in Heaven;

Today let us be sharing our lifesupports and sacramental energies
And be not leading into continual testings

But delivering from every evil –        {Amen}

For ours are these lifedoms, these powers, and these glorious-stories –
Both for now,-
and for Ever        { amen  }

(iii)    ._… (please wait and I too am waiting)          . .. ..      .. ..      _…._  ._._._   _._