What’s Your New Know-How ?

 What New Life and Governance Know-How
Are Your Leaders
and Yourself
Successfully Learning
and both Personally and Collectively Practicing ?



============== Finished jotting them all down ? ==============

Would you please now help us  —


We see no evidence of your learning enough “practical know-how”
to guide and help us all
almost 8 billion of us
[and still ballooning bigger and bigger and out-of-control]
,to each-and-all be advancing sustainworthily

Certainly you are none of you publicly nor ‘on-linely’ visibly learning,effectively
nor can we see you (ore your Leaders) helping us billions
to be locally, in small family and neighbourhood groups
peace-buildingly using,
‘No-Lose’  of Needs-&-Hows-Recognition-and-Planning and “win-win-win”* Cooperative Problem Solving Methodology III
and further facilitating its use with the “Six Thinking Modes” detailed by Dr Edward de Bono

and you could be ongoingly supported by the Lists of Life-Leaders shown in the not-for-profit, power nor prestige
http://lifefresh.net ;

http://www.lifefresh.co.uk ;

http://www.one-human-living.com ;

and “anonymously” in some of “our sustainworthying” submissions via

http://lordsoftheblog.net .


Nor are any of the “leading socially-mobile experts” and their ‘underling’ ranks of  “qualifieds”
further cooperatively-participatorily democratising and lifeplace-enabling us –
enabling every level of us ‘lower-downs and loyal-citizens’
to be lifelong building our individual holistic-healths,
our participatorily-democratic governance citizenships
and our environmental supportivenesses.

The truth is, you are in slyly exploitative and manipulative  point of fact subtly-enslaved,
from the topmost 2nd-order-‘elites’
[Unired Nations Directors, University Chancellors and so on ,, Royal Society Presidents and Members, BMA members and a Host of other “Expert” and “Prestigious” Closed-Clubs
and , SAS, SWAT and “Seals” teams
and Olympic Medal-Winners]

all the way down
to “below” where I struggle

and to those still being in one form or clever-other are not only ‘traditionally’ enslaved’ – {“patrioticly-duty-bound}
but also have been and are being caused to be disadvantaged, victimised, impaired, disabled, even regularly deliberately ‘maimed for life’,

but so many people in our “leading liberated Democratic and ‘First-World’ countries”, , very possibly including you, dear reader
have become “addicted” to covertly-subliminal “altered states of life-consciousness and of workplace-servitude”

under the covertly and domineerting influences of the miniculely-few topmost
but cowardly-self-remoting-super-luxury-life-wallowing
so called “elite-few”
who since at least 500 if not also 5000 years ago
have made themselves the constituted World-Power

but are at the very core of every civilisation
as a “perpetual-evil-root”

which was instantiated by Jesus-Christ
[“] Woe unto you Lawyers – who have the Keys-to-Knowledge

and yet do not use them yourselves

and worse still, you prevent others from using them, who come asking to use them [“]
in Luke 11 (about verse.53).



“New Lambians” (MP Norman Lamb) and AgeUK Governors –
[ground-breaking speeches in Parliament this Chrisatmastide]

we need you to please extend your peacefujlly-reformatory “remit”
to not simply “include” Method III and other Life-Know-How advances –

but place them as “non-negotiable-pre-requisites, basics, and ongoing-first-resorts”
in the very heart of the new Constitution we are coming to so desperately need.