The New Natural-Intuition &’Common Sense

“Our” Human Civilisation-Building & Developing on this precarious Life-Struggling Planet
has clearly “run-away” like a raging forest-fire or the Great Fires of London or of Hamburg

Earth’s Lifesupports are being destroyed, and irreversibly so, by our human-civilisations.

whilst our human populations are racing away up, almost everywhere in ‘Plague Proportions’


Within our human-development, there is such an obvious
Human Civilisation’s Top-Priority and “essential-norm”
of Big, Strong and Fast Armies and Workforces 40-hours per week
“feeding and cuddling*”  veritably “luxurious” Lifeplaces 128 hours per week
is over-resulting  in a

1   Metaphoricly  “Hidden Underground All Human-Civilisations-Sized ‘Huge-Sinkhole’
[ metaphoricly:-  i.e. combining hurricanes; tornadoes, floods, droughts, earthquakes and tsunamis as well as volcanoes]

2.  Then our civilisational -threats e.g. disease epidemics;
quite apart from Nuclear and Bio-chemical Weapons-of-Mass-Destruction “accidental WW3-triggering

all of which
we, in our still-unprepared civilisation  will also have to stand-up against

Just as we also ‘want’ (many of us surely do ?) to enable ourselves to survive
other imminent Natural-Disasters

that are longest-term as well as “possibly later today” in train
and overdue to happen –

– such as the biggest of the Iceland volcanoes
as well as North-America’s Yellowstone Park mega-volcano ‘waiting to hugely explode’
either of which will almost certainly trigger most of the volcanoes eastwards across Siberia –

that Volcanic “forthcomer” alone being sufficient to at least terminate
[ to Extinct within mere days]
all human, most largish animal, and some of the Plant Kingdom,
of Life-on-Earth. .

(We needed to be much more “all-round-human-development balancing” –

instead the United Nations has made the “blind” oversight of focusing us all not upon our individual human development
but focusing only its experts upon a clearly-“useless”
actually a “all lumped together” Aggregate Internationally Competitive Human-Population Development Index :

Longevity x Knowledge x Wealth
so that
you are at least
(a)  Longevity-wise a nonogenarian

(b)  Knowledge several PhD’s and decades of university lecturing ‘under your belt’

(c) Wealth:- being a billionaire,
with ownership of Estates, Islands,
Luxury Ocean-going yachts and long-tange aircraft,
and strings of Hotels, private Palaces
and at least one private-mercenary army or body-guard
all around the world

then you haven’t even begun to be a “developed human being”
nor likely to ever get close enough to the
Social-Mobility Ladder
to get just one foot upon it – 

which is why these 3 not-for-profit, power, nor prestige sites provide to the world-public
of overlooked, neglected, even deliberately “passively-opposed”
(by Establishments, Governments, Education-Authorities and most Universities and Schools)
publications of guidances into new-human-development knowledges

but especially into new “know-how”
– which can only be ‘done’
and about which ‘reading’ is useless and a complete waste-of-time and human-energy
if not pursued by that reader in his/her own daily body-practices

A New Foundational ‘Pre-requisite’ :-
If you can’t get a really good look through Effort [Laban & Lawrence]
{its hardcover is selling via Amazon for higher than £400 now, but lower-priced paperbacks (e.g. £140) are available
and practically bodily learn (‘teach-yourself’) at least one of the given “scales” of a single human body’s ‘total’ movement probability/possibility
then get  Laban For All  [ Newlove & Dalby ] which you might buy via Amazon (UK) for <£20 e.g. Used £8’50

{Note: Newlove and Dalby clearly advanced and added to Laban’s work-
but they did somehow leave-out Laban’s short but comprehensively helpfujl list of “Bad Movement Habits” (page 37 in 1st edition, page 45 in 2nd)
the only thing seriously “missed” –
so here’s a summary of what results in a human body that over-uses one side of a movement-pair and almost totally never uses its opposite :-

‘exclusively’ Firm makes you look and move habitually  Cramped
becomes  Sloppy
Direct  Obstinate
Flexible  Fussy
Sustained  Lazy
Quick  Hasty
Fluent  Flighty
Bound  Sticky


Thus such new “mind-views” as
“Big Strong and Fast human-body “building” slogans
should have been made majorly only for “Workplace and Defence-Forces specialisation” ;

for our 128 hours Lifeplace we should be encouraged and affordably guided through “all-round human-movements-balancing –
even all of them on the Small, Gentle and Sustained or ‘slow’ side.

Note: The eight basic human movements are
Pressing (versus) Gliding
Wringing (versus) Floating
Slashing (versus) Flicking
Thrusting (verfsus) Dabbing

and the four ‘domains’ containing those ‘opposite-elements’ are

WEIGHT Firm (versus) Gentle
SPACE  Direct (versus) Flexible
TIME  Sustained (versus)  Quick
FLOW  Bound (versus)  Free-Flowing –

And “mind-bases”-wise it has been found that the first four ‘irreducible’ human-mind-functions observed by Carl Gustav Jung
Sensation (giving the body-domain of WEIGHT the  ‘mindful-basis of  Intention‘ and the historicly-cujltural colour Green

Thinking (giving the body-domain of SPACE the ‘mindful-basis of Attention and the colour  Blue 

Intuition (giving the body-domain  of TIME the ‘mindful-basis’ of Precision and colour Gold/Yellow   

Feeling (giving the body-domain of FLOW the ‘mindful-basis’ of Progression and colour Red .


It might only be “guessed” that Jung’s fifth and final mind-function being
Transcendental its body-domain might be COMPREHENSION or INSIGHT  colour SILVER ???