Advancing Worldwide Participatory Democratisation

Anon – and very welcomely ‘anonymously’ for ‘whole-world-participatory-democratisation’ so I should think –

A very brief point, but I strongly-suggest that it is very vital to be scrutinised and ‘peacefully-revolutionised’ –

it is your sub-focus upon “child rights” (is ‘good’ of course)

[ and I would have added
“especially to amend the UN Declaration
where it says “the child shall conform to the parents religious persuasion”-
to read
“the child, neutral-facilitator, and parents shall resolve religious matters ‘No-Lose’ Method III Cooperatively”]

———- BUT ————–

Without the whole world Public first having at least “neutral” internet access to
Lists of Needs –  (United Nations administered)
there is no point in pursuing “rights to satisfy needs”.


look into the House of Lords’s “little-public-reach-out” and “Home Education” still currently for a few more hours maybe