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Baroness Deech ” Taking Back Control”
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‘Our’ Submission

Overshadowingly as well as Underlurkingly
Perhaps Blagger hasn’t yet seen the ‘new’ Strategic Facts and Factors precipitating into our laps
from Hickel’s “The Divide” more fully than from “How Many People Can Live On Planet Earth” host
Sir David Attenborough’s also world-leading ‘factorama’ ?

Over the recent 5 centuries – but stemming back through 5 millenniia of “predatory” civilisations dominated by
a minisculely-tiny and self-concealing world-domineering “super-powerful-and-wealthy-Elite” –
who have been exploitatively and still are manipulatively utilising “trickle-down luxuriously cheapnesses and drugs “bingeing”
societies and lifestyles, themselves llterally wallowing in sabotagingly-massive ill-gotten gains
historticly first from other civilisations “conquered” but enslaled and materially ‘drained dry’
by a dominant but also domineering civilisation (such as the Romans)
but recently erstwhilely, and still too largely so, by our very own Western Colonialist “Developed Democracies”.

This “historicly ‘evolving’ permanent world situation” today is resulting in the following:-
(1) The 70 million people in Britain are consuming and wasting-away 5 (five) times their fair share of the Earth produce and resoiurces;
Britain has been founded upon hugely ‘ill-gotten’ gains from the Colonial centuries;
one legacy of which is now the Scandalous Loans Interest amounting to more than the capital sums loaned,
taken into our UK banks (and no doubt massively into “safe-havens” abroad too)
to the tune of at least 8 (eight) times more than the total Foreign Aid we “boastingly” and “self-righteously” give-out
to those countries and their equally-human but literally “starved-by-us” people (?)
Note: which is not “their self-caused purely internal problem – [my near-distanced surviving extended family please note, if you please] –

we (never mind that others especially now China is ‘ripping-off other countries and the USA is still doing it worst of all,
but it is we British who are still ripping-off 2nd, 3rd and 4th world countries
who remain ‘permanently trapped’ in our “Right” to be ripping-off whoever we like
[because we are a “sovereign country” (and will take no lecturing or criticism from any one, especially from “foreigners”
and actually not from even our own world-insightful “watchdogs”) we decide what we need and how we shall get it].
So not only our Constitution, Laws, Rule-of-Law, Sovereign-Power-Parliamentarians’ ‘Democracy’, Politico-Economic and Militancy Policies,
and “tamely-manipulable affluent people-population and especially our Socially-Mobile world-pleading Workforce –
were founded upon other Countries Peoples and their Natural and Civilisational Environmental Wealths,
but it is we who are still being “carried and spoon-fed” by those privated people too –
who ‘right now’ are also paying for our “Sacred Christmas and Boxing Day “celebrating” fireworks displays”,
one of which is banging and blazing away on our Famously-Colonial and British Navy’s
Drake’s Bowling-Green Plymouth Hoe
————- …

We need to quit considering “Ask not what your Country can do for you, but what you can do for your country” –
and ponder continually upon
“Ask not what support we can wring from Other Peoples and their Environments,
but what supports we can equalisticly share with such Others”
So, dear Blagger, yours may well be not the only “better Immigration” plan
in need of further scrutiny and peacefully-reformative up-dating –
mayn’t it ?