UK Parliament: Norman Lamb Lifelong-Health “breakthrough” joint-plan

UK Parliament: Norman Lamb and AgeUK Member –
a joint “breakthrough” plan for both the established “NHS” Illnesses-&-HospitalsTreatment Sector
for a New Britain-Wide Health-Building and Disadvantaged Peoples’ Continuing ‘Lifeplace’ Education and Sustainworthy Support Service


We in “Sustainworthiness-establishing-&-building” welcome this peaceful-‘reformation”-move

but it must still be cried aloud that it still fails to get down to “bedrock”
by omitting more than one even greater Generic Human Civilisation Need

instantially we need the
‘No-Lose’ Planning & Cooperative Problem Solving ‘Method III’

which is both shortest-term “here-and now” and longest-term “the 1000’s-of-years Future”
actually the most vital part
for both planning and delivering
this centuries-overdue peaceful-revolution.

It needs to be repeated –
and even “chanted down every street”
that this still-missing essential is

Method III ‘No-Lose’ Cooperative Problem Solving

” ‘No-Lose’ Method III Needs-&-Hows Determination
and “win-win-win-win-win-win-win” cooperatively participative problem-solving
People upwards to Establishment
(smallest-neighbourhood-groups and individuals Method III Resolutions from bottom-to-top)
topmost Establishment powers-&-“elites” downwards to the bottom-most disadvantageds (top-to-bottom)