What’s “IN” Our Human-Life and what’s “OUT” ?

 I was invited to celebrate a “Seasonal Week” with a very close Family – who could ‘collect’ me and my two trolleys and one rucsac.-
– so I had to decide what to take.

There is a good supermarket close by that Family, so no need tyo take FoodI
I ‘phoned the hostess and asked
“Could one trolley be my overdue laundry – shirts and so forth ?” –
(came the summarised response.)

Then I said “I’d like to bring a few of the “life-guidance” books I’ve collected –
and perhaps some of the family may like to browse through any of them, too ?”

“Ah!” came the slightly ‘put-out’ voice –

“Ah, we’re not readers -“

(To condense now) _

“But you read the Bible, so that would make you ‘readers’ ?”

“Well we’re none of us great readers -“

 My response to her last advice remains silent within my particular little brainbox
{[(“So that would make The Bible ‘not great reading?” -)]}

 The way was “clear” for a “great” week’s “holy-day” !



========================   Merry Christmas ===================