You Need —-> (what ? . . . and what-for ?)

 [Saturday today – 16 December 2017]


We –
(that’s including ‘You’)
To Start Better Being


A “Sustainworthying” Earth-Citizen —–>
living successfully off just one-human-living per week
[in UK approx £300pw ‘take-home-money’ ]


a “Cooperatively-Participatory-
‘Inter-Party’- Independent Individual”-
‘working’ in trios with your neighbourhood others
to help all 8-billion humans
on this “condemned-to-death” Planet Earth
to likewise live ‘thrivally-survivally’ off just one-human-living each


(1) “Bin” all the existing Bosses, Politicians,
and other “Self-Centred-Greedy-Bullies” names

(2)  In their place, start putting your own chosen Lists of Essential Needs
and prioritising them cooperatively with your Neighbourhood Trios meetings.

(3)  Maintain your not-for-profit, power nor prestige personal progress with

(i) Own-Body/Emotions.Mind/Spirit “Second-to-Second Sensations-Differences Familiarising

(ii)  Your familiarisatiuon with the ‘No-Lose’ Method III of Needs-&-Hows-Recognition
and ‘win-win-win- Cooperatively-Participative Problem Solving.[in Dr Thomas Gordon’s Leader/People Effectiveness Training

(iii)  Your personal “all-round” competence in all eight of the basic human-movement abilities
(see Effort by Laban & Lawrence; or Laban For All by Newlove & Dalby;)

and not just “reading” but “bodily-doing” other clear and clean-living Guidances
such as
Owning Your Own Shadow by Robert John son

Working On Yourself Alone by Arnold Mindell

The Busy Person’s Guide To Easier Movement by Frank Wildman [following Moshe Feldenkrais’s uniquely enabling work)

———————– .

mostly you don’t need all that “professional-and-workplace focusing, skilling; ‘drilling’ and schooling
you have had and still are, like all the rest of us, having pressurised into you
the personal you
and into your highly-crammed-up brain-lobe-memory of literally ‘hundreds’ of otherwise  “good read” books .

but especially you need to “rescue” from your past
those genuinely good and clear
and “not-for-profit, power nor prestige”
and your “personal-educational and life-experience memories”