depends absolutely upon the QuantityQuality Equation between
on the one side the “Sustainworthying-Debtors” and on the other side the “Sustainworthying-Creditors” :-

LHS    Nation States Consuming < (more than) their fair-share of this Earth’s Lifesupports and Resources  “versus” RHS Nation States consuming = or < fair-share



which appears to have already “imbalanced” this Earth
to an extent that the “Human Civilisations and Peoples SHIP”
has already almost completely “capsized”
[i.e. our human-race and our civilisational-infrastructures are grossly-over-consuming and wasting this Earth’s Lifesupports]


At this very moment (0246 Saturday 16 12 17) the UK Peers 151217 “debates” on our “Refugees Bill”
and (now 0303 “Immigration Control Bill” including with the “Magnitzy Amendment”)
are being screened by BBC Parliament Freeview channel 232

apparently oblivious to many facts of our UK’s, of other”Civilisations’s” and of Planet Earth’s
“bottom-line of Lifesupports-Balance” –

in our UK case is that we are “profiting” financially from the 3rd 4th world peoples and nation-states 9 times more than we are giving to them in Aid

whilst almost all 64 million of our “British citizens”
are ‘rebelliously’ almost ready to march in the streets
even maybe take up arms
against giving that decimated-proportion of lifesupport to those 3rd & 4th world Countries we are “ripping-off” –

and similarly to march and ‘fight-against’ Immigrants to these British Isles
whilst we British ourselves have been and still are emigrating to and holidaying in Other Countries Overseas in larger numbers than those immigrating here.

Baroness Kennedy of the Shaws is propounding “the Establishment of HBuman Rights”

and decrying “violations of Human Rights” –
(as I suspect are all of those Peers and effectively all of us British People)
to the British-International and Planet-Earthwide DISGRACE
of consuming, wasting, destroying, and extincting more than 4-times more than our fair share of this Earth’s Lifesupports
Baroness Bottomley (Tory) is similarly “blind” to this “underwashing toxic-quicksand” of  British Establishmentarian Policy
Towards Earthlife, Other Peoples, and our own British “far-too-low-incomed-and-life-enabled peoples” –

and now 0317 Lord Brown of Eaton-Under-Heywood (Crossbencher) is likewise “broadsiding-off” about “Infringements of Human Rights and the Rule of Law” –

There is also much “public outrage” being spouted
(on behalf of us 64 million “honestly-patriotic British People”)
against “crimes against humanity” –

without seeing that such “broadsides” are being fired from our very own

“5-times lifesupports “cheating” and “stealing” British Ship-of-State