Baroness Deech asks us about her parliamentary-problem of our Brexit intention to
“Take Back Control” from the EU;

and ‘we-few-sustainworthiers’ intend to respond more or less as follows –

THE greatest fundamental fact & threat-to-our-survival is that –

long before we “felt”

[possible our British Law or Scrutiny Hearing alternative “going” term would be the Police favourite  “the witness merely perceived (it didn’t really ‘happen’)”]

that we were “losing self-control to all the other European countries in the EU”

we had not so much been  “losing control” but never attempting to wholisticly learn-how and wholisticly secure it

both as as a Sovereign-Cooperatively-Participative Democratic People

and as an Individual Human Development Emulably-Leading Constitutional and Governancial Nation-State Establishment,


Every one, not just our “leaders” are missing another vital-point –

that before you can properly wield “power” you have mastered all the Abilities it requires.


We’ve never been an adequately competent Participatorily-Democratic Sovereign People;

and we’ve never had a cooperative-participatory-democratising Governance-Establishment.

The fact that neither has any other Country in the World both recognised this Core Survival Need and succeeded in Common-Mind-Constitutionally and Cooperative-Body-Enablement implementing it

does not excuse our UK-Peoples’ self-culpable self-exclusion from shouldering this Longest-Term Human Task,

of “Sustainworthying,

namely ‘making-sustainworthy’

our Human, Civilisation, and Lifesupports-Environmental-Nurturing-&-Conserving



As our leading and most-trustworthy researchers have been informing us,

both via News & TV Documentaries and by Printed-Publications,

we The People (participatively-democraticly) have failed to learn how to be an effective cooperatively-participatory democratic response-able and responsible sovereign People,

and are still failing to appoint Fit-for-Purpose and Emulably-Exemplary Rulers, Governors, Civil-Servants, and Professional and Volunteer workers,

in both Governmental and Non-Governmental Organisations.


Long before “Brexit” we British had been literally “ripping-off” 3rd and 4th world Peoples and their Countries, charging them financial-interest on Loans to the tune of 9 times more than the “foreign-aid” we give them in return

And we are still consuming and wasting 5-times our fair share of the Earth’s total Lifesupports and Civilisational-Resources.

Scrutinisingly-Coldly also, our “socially-mobile career-pyramid” is deluding each of us that we are many more than just one-human-being each –

{psychiatrists and doctors deludedly believe themselves to be “ten-human-beings” each [pay-in-personal-pocket £3,000 per week] whilst ‘Bankster’ CEOs and other Directors believe they are each over 200 human-beings each, drawing millions each per annum] .

As human-beings let alone as “democratic Earth citizens” we are painfully-blatantly
“short-on-mind-functioning” as well as “unwilling and unable” to live healthily, citizenlike and environmentally-supportively, on just one-human-living each per week.


So in common old English words

“Don’t preach to me about

‘taking back control’

that in the first place we never have had”. !


WHAT WE ACTUALLY SUBMITTED 9pm Saturday 16 12 17

Neither the British People nor the British Establishment, the Judiciaries, the Commons & Lords Legislatures, nor the Civil Service –
have ever shown sufficient “Sovereign Control” over our Essential Human Civilisation Needs and over the needs of our Lifesupportive Planet Earth environments..

Britain has been consuming, and wasting, 5-times our fair-share of the Earth’s Lifesupports and Resources
[see “The Divide” by Prof Hickel of the London School of Economics; and “How Many People Can Live On Planet Earth”
very recent TV documentary from up-to-date serious science researchers hosted up-front by our Sir David Attenborough ].
Also the UK official constitutional “Social-Mobility” careers money-distribution Pyramid
is effectively grossly-deluding and overpaying almost the whole Pyramid
but most grossly the “Top” first
[for instance to the tune of the RBS and Lloyds et al Bank Directors “legislating” themselves as well as being “constituted” by The Establishment and The Parliaments
to be as many as 300+ human-beings each
(HSBC Chief has a £5million a year basic salary = approx 5,000,000 (before Bonuses)
divided by one-human living (say £300 x 52 = £15,600 per year)
makes that one “bankster” ‘in need of over 300 human-livings per week in his personal hip pocket];
and a psychiatrist personally “needs” (over and above business costs which are paid by the Employer anyway) £3000 per week in his “private” pocket or her “private” handbag = 10 human-livings.


Those are “British Deliberately Constitutionally-Established Delusions”
quite apart from their wastefulness and Earth-lifesupports destructiveness and extinctioning,
and quite apart from their brazen LACK of both Self and Environment Control
May I suggest a “Pingback” to see the whole longer first draft of this crucial matter, in our voluntary and not-for-profit, power nor prestige e-site http://lifefresh.net .