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“HOME-EDUCATION” with Lord Soley 06 Dec 17 (Surprised now by record 31 sudden publications)
14/12/2017 at 7:45 pm

It would be interesting to be “home educated”,
with this particular Post –

as to why suddenly we have 30 comments,

most of which were sent in 07 Dec17 the day immediately following the post –
but were kept back from publication for a whole week – ?

considering the
near-longstanding lack of interest in the Lords of the Blog,
by both the Public
and recently by the Peers themselves,

what is now happening ?


“UK PARLIAMENT WEEK further education for the public: with Lord Hylton 16 Nov 17.

14/12/2017 at 8:20 pm
British “democracy” is a sick-laughable-deliberate-disablement
simply because the vast majority of the “sovereign-governance” of this Nation_state, namely The People,
want “no involvement with nor part in Politics”;and also because those whose professional and constitutional duty it is to represent
the real Needs of every one of The People
(not just the “fantasy-lifestyle” or “luxury-hankerings” of “lobbyists” and “utilitarian majorities”)
namely our Members of the House of Commons, the House of Lords, and of the Civil Service
are also divided and “mutually-nullifying” under the protocol-rule that
“the Matter is not in my Remit” –
“is above my Pay-Grade” or “is below my Pay-Grade”
or “not within my Jurisdiction”.
A genuine cooperative-participative democracy would be differently “voting”
not for “advocates to represent our Needs”
but directly for Lists of Needs in writing,
and possibly also for
“How each such need may best and most sustainworthily or affordably be met
collated by the Civil Service.========================================================================”THE WORK OF THE CONSTITUTION COMMITTEE” with leader Lord Norton 07 Nov 17.

14/12/2017 at 9:35 pm
Your comment is awaiting moderation.Thank you, maude;
but that’s a huge bulk of “reading” when the salient Triple-Predicament
is clear and concise to be comprehendedbut is being so blindly and studiously avoided
by Parliaments, University-Powers and People-Numbers alike —(1) Earth’s Longest-Term Carrying-Capacity is being over-consumed, wasted,
and destroyed and extincted by our Runaway Non-Negotiably Militant Human-Civilisation.(2) The World-Domineering tiny-core-elite
is militantly-adversarially
suicidally and ‘genocidingly’
extincting both our Earth-Lifesupports
and our Population numbers –
not only by having Western and ‘Leading-Democratic’ peoples consuming (and ‘collaterally’ wasting)
9-times their fair share of the Whole Earth’s resources and produce (USA)
and 5-times our fair share (by the UK British population0.
(3) Those self-same World-Governors have been solidly committing us all to
“raising up the increasing world billions of overpopulations
to our 1st and Developed Democratic World’s standard-of-living”
(as now in the USA, UK. European, ‘Developed-World’ );

without solving how
the Earth’s Lifesupports – drinking-water, food, and longest-term-strategic thrival-survival resources
are going to be sufficiently increased
whilst –
the massively-increased Lethal-Wastes and Pollutions are going to be reversed
from the extinction-curve they are already sending us down

and how wthese two Great-Essentials will necessarily be greatly-increased
and be made all-round Sufficient –
for both the short-term Politicised 5 -10 year governance policies
for the Longest-Term thousands-of-years our children’s children will need
in order ultimately to space-emigrate
and thus fulfil our Human-Race to “thrivally-survive” the physical-universe’s oncoming super-destructions
which will finally end in our complete Solar System’s annihilation
being ‘swallowed and crushed’ into this whole surrounding galaxy’s centrally ‘self-fattening’ Black-Hole.

There has to be a short-and-curtly-simple “peaceful-revolution” –

What do you, the serious reader now think ? –
and more vitally what can you and the rest of us actually “do” better, more “longlastingly”and “sustainworthily” ?


NEWS-WISE ALSO we have emailed RT News UK :-
When will RT News Shows include serious public attempts to “governancially-help” our worldwide “particpatory-democxracy” movement, such as ; ; ;
and perhaps the UK Westminster House of Lords Voluntary Small Group’s
“Two-Way Public Reach-out to the Public” ?
Best regards.
John SD Miles of 39B PL6 5LY U.K.