Considering that the scientific label “Dark Matter” is possibly referring to huge intergalactic clouds of
“Distortional Matter”
which if and when entering the gravitational close-up “hug” strength of “normal” matter

[for instance planets, their seas, mountains. lifeforms, and human-civilisational-infrastructures, buildings, vehicles, aircraft and ships
could cause distortion of shape such that damage to physical-structure and death to lifeform could soon result]{
(There is a science-fiction movie called “Dark Storm”, too) –


Similarly but more widely ‘known’ by the world public, are the “Asteroids”, “Meteors” and even “Rogue-Mini-planets” that could collide with “our” planet Earth.


Then there are other possible “Emergencies” -some already not also “probable” but starting to happen –
such as the “melting of the Polar Ice-Caps and Claciers”

The “tectonic countdown” to mega-volcanic eruptions such as ‘Yellowstone’ in USA and the biggest yet-to-erupt massive volcano in Iceland –

The latter alone will be many more times powerful and destructive than previously know in our Northern hemisphere,
with massive dust-clouds 10 or more times bigger than the recent smaller Iceland volcano’s stoppage of airflights over most of the world,
and will most probably be disruptive enough to trigger the further eruptions of a chain of other volcanoes
all the way across the North European, Russian Siberian, Alaskan and Canadian coastlines –
‘Enter’ also
Tsunamis, Earthquakes, ‘Nuclear-Winters’

Let’s be calling all those ‘types’


 Also “waiting in the wings” are

the Plagues of Locusts, the El Ninos, the “Evolutionary Competition between Lifeforms”


and ‘linked’ to
and maybe ‘partly-causative of’
those could be
caused by Over-Fishing; Over-Burnings, Water-Pollution, Food-Sources-Toxifications – by “TMDs” [Tools and Technologies of Mass Destruction]
maybe also caused by “WMDs” [Weapons of Mass Destruction] including Germicides, Antibiotics, Disinfectants, Insecticides,

and our Civilisational and National Major Emergency Services are to be kept 24/7 ready to “Deal” with any or all of those.

At the “SMALL EXTREME” of “LIFE-SAVING”, however,  

(already ON-OUR-SIDE once you’ve read the following Guidance)
we have

our socially-share-able
Personal Wholistic Health enablements

within which each of us has almost 100% access to the one humanly-central and individually-supportive
“secret of wellness”
which is.
Many times every day, make a few minutes or seconds of time available to yourself for the practice of

so that you can focus all your attention upon
becoming aware
of every change
in every one
of your own body sensations.

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