There’s a book
Difficult Conversations how to discuss what matters most :
by Douglas Stone, Bruce Patton & Sheila Heen – of the Harvard Negotiation Project ; Penguin 2011.


Our obvious opening task is to
Make Lists of and Prioritise All of our Needs

namely the Longest-Term (n centuries or millions-of-years)

as well as the “right here and now” fair-distributions

and the burning question we all avoid like The Plague must also be faced now

“Why do we all, from the lowest-common-democratic-citizen
all the way up to the highest governance-powers of the Nation and of The World,
so non-negotiably avoid this question

and turn our backs on this Task ?” 

and who’ll join in a public tackling of both

starting here and now ?

What is our Human Race’s longest-term Purpose
What do we and will we need
in order to survive longest-term maybe thousands-of-years
to fulfil that Purpose ? 

It’s no good “reasoning” that this is above or below your “pay-grade” !

Nor that “It’s not my job”.

Try filling in a “pie-chart” first –

‘guesstimate’ how much of our Earth’s Lifesupports are absolutely-needed-by the portions-of-pie

LIFEPLACE:- Housing, Highways & Byways; Shops; Wholesome-Health-Building places;

life-education places

WORKPLACES :  Agriculture & Horticulture and Infrastructural-Delivery channels;

SECURITY:  Peacekeeping Organisations and Equipment;
backed-up by

EMERGENCY:  Peace=Making Forces;

the Hospitals, Medical, and Pharmacological sector; Sector