1.  Focusing on clearing all my clutter.
I am determined to really clear this place out now.

2.  Then I shall feel, and maybe even “be” free to “bypass” the authorities who have “blocked” and “demonised” me
and relocate to a more suitable place on the open-market (as some of you have already suggested)
3.  My sister in St Ives is 95 is
my last family and active non-fair-weather-friend
(understandably her children will settle between themselves and have never in any sense ‘needed’ me) –
I shall have no-one.
including Under that Deprivation of Liberty Order on Adela, I just have to leave her to her fate.
It is a civilisation-tragedy too,
because her income should be going into building
an Holistic Health and Complementary Wellness Residential Association,
as should also mine.
4. and the two supportives one-human-living and –
together form  the only faintly-possible cogent link there is with the 8 billion odd other human-beings on this “sinking planet”.
5. The crucial civilisational conflict
is between the Non-Negotiables,.
A.  The “Juggernaut Runaway” Warmongering –
Globally Overpopulating with the Non-Negotiable Individual-Capitalistic and Consumerist Wasteful Delusionisms;
and Failing-United Nations

inhibitively and destructively

B.   The “Sustainworthying One-Human-Living” World Civilisation that my e-sites are supporting, and

C. . The possibly compatible “Economic-De-Growth-cum-Ecolonomic-Peaceful Revolution”
that is already believed to be being supported by one or two billionaires
(but is still ‘dragging its heels’ and having little or no effect).

Those Foundations,
as well as
6.  the Terrorist, Triads, Mafias and Mercenary-Armies-for-Hire would-be World-Domineers,
are under a “stifling” stand-off of conflicting Non-Negotiabilities
without any “No-Lose Cooperative Resolution Methodology being “In-Place” 
even at United Nations level let alone down here at local neighbourhoods levels 
{Affinity Sutton landlord and estate-neighbourhood still has me banned from participating in this Village Hall – permanently !];
all also confusingly-messed-up by the various World Religions,
and TV Olympics, Gymnasiums “Life-Centres”, Sports, Gun-Clubs,
and “Scratchit” Communities
who would “love to be ruling the World”.
A further major “parasitic-component” within such militantly-adversarial Individually-Consumerist-Capitalism
is the miniscule super-elite-class-domineered Judiciary Spin-Doctored Terminology “constitutional-law-marriage”
(i) “Power-Seeking WITHOUT first having the Ability to rightly apply that Power”
(ii)  “democratic ‘public’ debating”WITHOUT first establishing
Public Nation-wide  Cooperatively-Participatory Democratic Information-Sharing and Cooperative-Discussion,
throughout every “level” of the whole Population, in the Lifeplace and to the exclusion of all Workplaces.
(iii)  “social-mobility” as the core-workplace-career-competing-pyramid Main-Human-Life- Purpose,
as the OUTRAGEOUS MISNOMER and USURPER of cooperatively-participatory-democratisation
throughout both Britain and the USA and other “Democracies”
and to the stifling and snobclass-distinction and babel-tower-domineering
of  both culture and life-education needs and of human-enablement institutions
[including “snob-isations-galore” within both houses of parliament
and throughout the whole range and depth of “The Establishment” and “International Community”..
We are already “manacled” by other spin-doctorings
“accidentally shot-in-back-by-own-troops” is constitutionaly defined as “friendly-fire”
“murdering and banishing neighbouring-foreigners” is officially “cleansing” them;
“sacking” an employee has been re-defined as “letting-you-go” (as if it is the employee who is desperate to quit the job)
Summarised:  There is no attempt even at United Nations level to institute Individual Human Development
as both a Personal_Need for each human-being
and as a Security for the conservation and Sustainworthy-Use of this Earth’s Lifesupports.
Let’s just keep the “One-Human-Living Lifefresh” trio going, and improving whenever possible.
[“Lords of the Blog” looks as if it’s “going on strike”
there are so few respondents
and such huge delays now by the peers themselves putting up posts and remaining “short on two-way discussion online”.].