Peace-&-Health Building require both Needs-&-Hows Prioritising and “Shadows-&-Crosses” Carrying.

For the worldwide public good, the following advice has been sent to an exclusively profiteering Tantric Sect :

Tantric Training Gayatri and Bayari  emails


That you follow Bayari in judging your service is not for me, is understandable;  that you adopt a “blaming” attitude towards myself is not.

Neither is it acceptable that with that rejection you and your Tantra Sect are also rejecting
all the holistic-health building advances, sources and guidances
that I am
for Life-on-Earth’ sake
and not-for-profit, power nor prestige,
including in any, and my, individual human development foundation and ‘curriculum’,

is not only incomprehensible to me
but is a definite sign of hostility on your parts towards the cooperatively-participative building
of a Peacefully Sustainworthy Human Race
on this Earth and for the Next.


You are also displaying that you are profiting from “up-marketing’ Tantric Lifestyling
as an escape from the destructive failures of the Civilisations you support and remain a part of,
and as an avoidance of the Shadows that your organisations and individuals are also casting far and wide
as well as immediately locally around you.


You say “Best Wishes”
whereas your action is the opposite;
I say simply “take up your crosses” –
as well as selling self-pleasuring, ecstasy & transformation “products” for profit, power and prestige –

within which the  taking-up of your wider-and deeper life responsibilities would possibly be helped by a further skilling from CG Jung’s works
including from his insights into “Transformation”.


The wider advances I advised you of, and which you should be honouring, remain on the websites I submit to the world-public ; ; ;
and through submissions since May 2010 published by the UK House of Lords’s public blog site .