Our Needs –

It is as the woman-in-white on BBC TV News channel “Dateline London” says:  (“) Too many key people living in Fairyland instead of meeting our Real-Needs (“)


What Are Our Needs – ?

and how-best should –
and sustainworthily-could –
we meet those forthcoming
and these present
needs ?




Likewise, it has become agonisingly evident that we must also set about Listing what we do NOT need –

For personal-instance you do not need to be drinking filthy-water instead of clean-water

and for “Collective” instance
we do not need to be “rewarding”, our masters, dames, governors, governesses
with “pay” “bonuses” and “winnings”
to buy enough bottles-of-clean-drinking water
to satisfy not just their one human-self
two, twenty, two-hundred, 200,000 individual-human-beings


the arithmetic of sustainworthy-living and lifestyling is not “rocket-science-stuff”


and neither is recognising both personal and class Delusion
right up and down through the Globally-Human-Civilising
but incorrigibly-entrenched Corrupt-Social-Mobility Pyramid
the complex mental stuff of PhD Nobel-Prize Consultant Psychiatrist
or High Court Judge