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Home Education

Lord SoleyThe debate on my Private members Bill (Duty of Local Authorities) Bill

was completed successfully and the Bill will now go into committee probably in late February. I announced in the debate that I will make some changes to the Bill and that I would be listening to various groups and individuals to make sure I get the Bill into good shape. Please read the debate to see what I was saying.

I have had significant numbers of letters and emails in opposition to the Bill but also some very important ones from people who had been home educated and for whom it went wrong. They do not have an effective lobby group which is a pity but understandable as many of them want to remain anonymous.

Let me make some key points here:
1. I am in favour of home education and have always been in favour.
2. My concern has always been for those who want to home educate but run into difficulties – they need support.
3. I am concerned for the welfare and the rights of those children for whom it goes seriously wrong – especially where it involves abuse or radicalisation.

My aim is for a light touch regulation for those doing it well. One visit a year should be sufficient. For those who take their child out but can’t manage so put the child back into school need additional help. It is not good for the child or for the school to have to deal with this in/out problem. There is a debate to be had around the issue of how best the education authorities, be it local councils or some other organisation, can help.

Most importantly we must have a register of children who are not in school. It isn’t just the children who are taken out of school but also the ones who are never registered in the first place. Estimates of numbers vary and there is very little research in this area of policy. To have no idea or contact with children is a bad idea. Parent’s rights are important here but so are the children’s.

I shall make further entries on this blog in due course.

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  1. 07/12/2017 at 7:03 pm
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.What is actually needed is an
    Holistic Health Building and Life-Education Sector –
    for all ages and conditions of people.

    And within this clear-need lies also the clear need to define and name the National Health Service what it factually is
    The National Hospitals & Illnesses Sector
    delivering Primary Medical Care NOT Primary Health Care – a UN title which the UK and BMA usurped under Britain’s long pre-established.Primary Medical Care in 1978, the British National Hospitals and Illnesses sector having already been mis-named “NHS” in 1948.

    Three further points within this Thinking-Orbit also need constitutional correction and updating :-
    (1) The “education” you refer to is actually the equivalent of “schooling” –
    which in turn is “training for working in the Workplace”
    [it has never been education for living in Lifeplaces].

    (2) You are a Public advocate, elected by and for the Public good, not for your own “private” career, protected-memberships, and “private” Bill-concocting.

    (3) The whole top-heavily deluded and deluding civilisational-edifice needs to be brought “down to Earth”:
    the “better” human-being you are, the LESS you should be able and willing to transparently emulably live off –

    no more than one-human-living is all any one-human-being personally “needs” – all your business and workplace expenses are paid by your Employer, and out of our Peoples’ Sovereign Power Taxes..
    Our governors, “leaders” and “betters” should be showing us millions and billions of “ordinary” people how to make our one-human-living (~£300 pw] “go further”.

    Certainly that is what an Holistic Health Building and Life-Education Sector for all ages and conditions of people needs to also bring to us all to start making us truly more sustainworthy than we very deludedly-destructively are “careering” along under.

    And so, don’t you also need to rename “home education” what it factually is, namely “schooling” – –
    “home schooling” ?