The Notional New Human Race Sustainworthiering C onstitution

Our Sustainworthiering Constitution will have in it the lists shown in , ;

and in this e-site .

Other sources and guidelines will necessarily be added as thery come to hand

such as Hickel’s current 2017 “brief introduction” to The Divide  (albeit well over 300 pages – it is an essential both-read-study-scrutinise-and do )


We have one serious note to make about the “Solutions” envisaged –

in brief

We see no mention of one Global Human Living –
{ in the UK where we are consuming and destroying 5-times our fair share of the Earth’s resources, this is ~£300 per week  [+ no assets > ~£5000] }

only a mere “hope” for a Global Minimum Wage –

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~0900 Out “co-enabling” with Jencks’s Your Body: biofeedback at its best [without Instruments, Machinery and Artificiality]