Perceptual Self-Control “trumps” our deeply ingrained “Reinforcement-Theory”

The Perceptual Self-Control theory is “its own reward”
and does not need outside “special rewards” and “bonus-encouragements” –

does not for instance set employee against employer for “higher-pay”

nor the employer against the consumer for “higher-profits”
[in point of fact the Private-Elite-Pyramid is outrightly and bloatedfly profiteering].

But given a sufficient human-living weekly income,
with egalitarianly distributed “benefits”,
in a real sense,
the “doing of the right thing-in-common,
and for the right reason”
is sufficient “reward” –


whereas Reinforcement Theory encourages bribery & corruption
– fabricates non-real “fantasy values” –
and sets up encompassing class as well as individual and personal “delusions“.

and all of that literal schoolboy-gambling
rather than rational-governance
– is still being wielded above the United Nations heads
and above Nation-States,Governments and Cultural-Communities
by a tiny few but overall-domineering oligarchic-elite
going back not just 500 years through European and ensuing Colonialisms –

but 5000 years to the onset of genocidal and civilisational aggressions
for riches plundering and peoples-enslavements –
It is still supported by deep-constitutional-entrenchments – worldwide.

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