Your Crucial Question & Task: “What Are The Life Needs of Planet Earth and what are Our Human Race Needs & Sustainworthy-Hows ?”

Obviously our first and foremost Need is to support this Earth’s Lifesupports !


We have already first suggested, then indicated, and finally formally-argued and morally-reasoned

one-human-being actually NEEDS only one-human-living

and that bringing our human-civilisations onto that constitutional base peacefully
is our now urgently overdue Task

and that upon its timely success will depend not only our Human-Survival
but the survival of all animal-life upon this planet Earth –

and also will depend therein the successful space-emigration to a second-earthly-“home” [such as Mars and then Proxima B]

———- 2342 Friday 01 December 2017 —————-