Divisions of Human Civilisation: Pay-Grade “Earnings”

“Oh we’ll be able to go ahead – ”
our student-populations are thinking –

“Once we’ve cleared away high-court trolley-loads of words and terminologies
assiduously piled high
by governancial. academic, and speculative defensive-strategic thinking-tank-crews –
and by similarly literally brazenly problemising
nay roomsful
of further verbal “hedge-bettings”

all of which are increasingly choking our minds’ abilities to “think” –

blocked-up by woolly-wordings
such as “climate change” [for better ? or for worse ? ——->
by  “shot in back by own troops” being officially termed “friendly-fire”

and “genociding neighbours” being called “cleansing” them [“ethnic cleansing”]

instead of our educators, trainers, teachers, and media-informants –
actually daily feeding us words that help us to
start speaking,
and focally-conversing, a
nd cooperatively discussing
and problem-solving
with sober sense”

 then why haven’t our brains
those of those higher-pay-grade skulls of our “leaders”
why havn’t they all got it right and said so
up front ?