New Peacefully-Revolutionary Sustain-Worthy-ing Communities Desperately Needed Throughout both Britain and The World

  •  and herein certain existing communities need to be designing “wholesome-co-living” year-long courses as well as week-ends;
      for the very elderly
    as well as for the whole different (yet foundationally much-needed “the same”)
    ranges of younger generations

e.g.  Osho Leela might be well situated to begin such whilistic-lifestyling leadership –

– and such as Eileen Caddy’s “Findhorn”

and the Elmhirsts’ Dartington Hall could perhaps found a sub-community within its borders –
coming down to a real “sustain-worthy-ing” lifestyle-foundation –

Numerous Spiritual and Religious Communities and small-‘sects’ – should surely be “self-revolutionising” –


and of course self-limiting new G and NGO  “movements” and “charities”
such as Totnes “Transitions” -that has taken on worldwide –

should be maximising their Longest-Term Purposes and Methodologies