Vital ‘Know-How’ Advances: please now include the “Tantric Co-Massaging” for Single Adults ‘strangers’ ” run by a John Hawken and Judith Antell. :

We now need to include the
“Tantric Advanced Massaging and “co-self-control” Course for ‘Strangers-Single-Adults”

run by a John Hawken and Judith Antell :-


The Overshadowing and Underlurking Main-Civilisation-and’Society’ Non-Awareness and Non-Understanding
with “xenophobic’ and negatively-discriminatority-destructive attitudes, and oppositions
against many wholesome human-health and “sustain-worthy-ness-ing” advances –

stretching back not just decades but hundreds and even many thousands of years
within both previous and present  human-civilisatiuons.

An increasingly great number of human-developmental and “Core-Human and EarthLife-Supportive”
facts, factors,
discoveries, developments.
and real-life-improvement and “sustain-worthy-ing” advances
are being denied, repressed,
even deliberately and shamelessly suppressed
[ toes, feet even up into legs, ruthlessly and deliberately cut-off
so as to fit the person into the “economical-supply-side” length of the bed provided at the-Inn-by-the-Travellers’ Wayside
– that’s at t he many “Inns” owned by world-and nation- leading “individual-capitalists”, powers- and authorities

Your taxes pay this would-be sustainworthying Earth-citizen’s pension-income [of ~ £300 per week]
so s/he having been helped to ‘self-improve’ somewhat by that income and by the advances it has enabled ‘time’ also to ‘deliver’ to within-grasp –
enabled such such ignored, overlooked, and neglected vital publications of sources and guidances to be “spotted”

and thus to be quite easily and affordably are shown,
and many given as lists,

also in similarly not-for-profit, power nor prestige websites  and

under ‘Basics’ ‘Foundations’ and suchlike
for veritable lists and some ‘reviews’, ‘condensations’ ‘quotes’ and one or two ‘study-sequences’ ‘
,{selected by JohnSDM not-for-profit author-publisher of these three e-sites
just arrived home from a ‘long-weekend’ ‘co’learning courtse of know-how, practicalitgy, and both educational and therapeutic massages
at one “Osho Leela” life-educational centre in Dorset UK