“One’s Self-Imagery” [1943 M141117]

Clearly the human-being has a number of “self-images”
in the sense of how different parts of one’s body are,
and how they might appear to be to the outside observer.

For many decades I have avoided looking at myself in any mirror –
it seems to help me to focus my attentions better on what may be more important or more urgent.to a ‘forward-moving life’

Yesterday in the “Yangnasium” {females may call it their “Yin-nasium”, I guess}
{ it’s my temporary neo-tag for “gymnasium” –
my “reason” including because my badly-disabled younger brother’s name was “Jimmy” – he died in 1974 in Starcross, Devon –
and so I can feel this new ‘healthier-movement’ place to be my “Jimnasium” } –

and now that I’m 90 and in the ‘light’ of  “it’s never too late to mend” –
I am welcomed and supported to use the ‘fixed-machinery’ and especially to gently and slowly adapt my body needs to each such –

and therewith to more awaringly and self-controllingly meet my “unconscious” shadow-side
and both my hitherto unconscious “feminine-anima” side
and other naturally-or-civilisatially-made unconscious habits, impairments,  and needs’

So I’ve found the wall-mirrors in the gym to be quite probably
a “new self-correcting-and-learning-helpmeet” –

but also to be an embarrassing “soul-tester”
in (for instance) revealing my “somewhat protruding paunchily-bloated breadbasket”.

This now brings “self-shaping” into one’s conscious-challenge” –

and shows that I had “more than one wrong-self-imagery” that “felt-right”- and still will –

until my “self-shaping catch-up” timeframing reduces or “clears”
that wrong-self-imagery and the “wrong-habits and shapes” that result.

It also amazes me that my non-body-parts “mind”
has for many decades been collecting so many published
(but governmentally and educationally neglected or ‘repressed’)
“right human-development-and-sustainworthying” guidances,
and “reaching out to the strange-public with them”.
without realising my own personal “insidiously-infiltrating mis-shapen-ness”.

Maybe “It’s never too late to mend” –

“A stitch in time saves nine”

and the soul-songs
“Oh you’ll never go to heaven – on roller-skates,
because you’ll roll right past, those pearly gates –
And you’ll never go to heaven – in a limousme –
‘Cos God don’t sell – no gasoline -”
“So I ain’t gonna grieve, my Lord, ain’t a gonna grieve my Lowered
Ain’t gonna grieve- my Lord no more”.no more -“.

“One step at a time – sweet Jesus -”

O your toe bones-r-connected to your foot bones; and yr foot-bones r connected to your ankle bones –
your ankle bones are connected to your shin bones –
Now hear the word of the Lord [“lowered” –

Dem bones dem Bones them—dry bones, dem bones dem bones dem —dry bones- dem bones dem bones dem—dry bones-
Now hear the word of the “Lowererd”]

and so on

and so
[ … “In Thy Name I Go …”]

[‘Cos your taxes, as well as mine and others’,  provide my pension-income
and thereby my cooperatively-participatory ‘public-presence’]

===================1943 M 131117 =======================