A New Eclectic Enablement

 New Eclectic Enablement ,

Method III-like, “win-win-win” ‘co-planning & socially-constructive lifeplace-enablement
[rather, it is practically a “co-enablement”]


[the best components drawn together into one method from several or even from all relevant sources]-

we can take the “best” of human-enablements and behaviour-supports, from both the”West” and the “East” –

For instance:  Western “behaviour”
excludes “part-fantasising”
(such as in some cafe or safe-place such as a hospital waiting-place or refreshment-area,
or in bed too -(should be OK to “pretend” you have a guest for a cup of tea – and so on and so forth –
{[( but not, please, “ad nauseam” – keep it frequently connected to some realities – )]}


and come to that one should be OK talking aloud to “one’s God alone”-
especially when able do so quietly
or as a mere whisper
and with “advocative inclusion of others” or of some particular other’s need or needs ;

I “enjoy” a “wishful-thinking” that sees a New Self-&-Civilisation Co-Sustain-worthy-ing Semi-Rural Cooperative Market-Garden Estate
based of long-leasehold neighbourhoods of Kitchen-Garden Caravan ‘permanencies’

Let us also “re-note”  that the
“win-win-win” or ‘No Lose’ Method
is non-competitive
and wholly participatorily-cooperative
(this reminder is just in case either present-pressures or ordinary-forgetfulness
have caused Method III  to slip-the-mind

but also in the essential-sustain-worthy-ing mind-modes of

“singing the same words and the same tune
off the same song-sheet” –

and of
“O God I your servant am in a serious predicament –
please have me do the right thing – and (this time) for the right reason “)
[Find the above “Method III” print-out-able
further down this long list of posts
or in the basics/foundations pages of www.one-human-living.com  and/or www.lifefresh.co.uk ..].

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