Starting Afresh – but Together —————>

“What’s the Situation ?”

What’s the very first thing I should, and could, be doing  –  not just ‘reading about’ ?

(1) firstly all alone so that i can get along better with Life Itself on this Earth –

(2) secondly get along better with other people –

(3)  thirdly become more mutually and longest-term “sustain-worthy”
and “sustain-worthy-ing”
or best of all “co-sustain-wprthy-ing” –

of all Life on Earth, not just of or with my “fair-weather best friends”?

We have enough truly “not-for-profit, power nor prestige” guidance sources –
[see lists in ;

in ;

and in this site’s previous posts .



I shall try to “display

an ‘array’ of such basic guidances
– including now Arnold Mindell’s
Working On Yourself Alone

which one can even practice quietly reading aloud to one’s-self – or to our ever-listening God –
the best leading educators now saying that such is a very good way
and even ‘better-than-silently’ way
learning and beginning to actually “do” the “self-enabling” in some quite  real-sense –