What? Where? When? Who’s involved ? Why? What-for ? – and So what ?

—Mark our words —

 I was just deliberately kept kept waiting (to pay for a fruit drink)
by a private-profiteering company’s young male-servant
whilst he turned his back and chatted vigorously with the women in attendance –

so I said nort
but simply just sat down for a mouthful of the fruit-juice –

and then it came to me to pray aloud to Our Good God

“What are you doing to help the world out of this predicament ?” –

and after a minute the Spirit moved me to add
“Why should I be interested ?”


Why don’t our governments and their many departments tell us the Truth – the Whole Truth, and Nothing-But-The-Truth ?
one of which is that we British are consuming and wasting five (5) times our fair share of the Earth’s Dwindling Resources and Production ?

Why doesn’t the Media tell us, either ?

And why don’t our political and social “leaders” tell us these essential Truths anyway –

instead of kidding us that
as long as we vote for their Party
they will get us 6-times our fair-share of the Earth’s and World’s produce ?

Is it too far above – or too far below – their “pay-grades” ?

————  Mark our words now ——–

— bedtime here 2200 —

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