The British Peoples Constitution

The House of Lords is “open to the public” for a few days via its small-voluntary-group –

Here is “our” submission, to Lord Norton’s post about the Constitutional Committee :-


Two questions please –

(1)  How does the Constitution Committee’s “remit” include keeping the Constitution both accessibly up-to-date for the immediate term  – (5 to 10 years “party-politically-limited”)

and ongoingly ‘scrutinisable’ and amendable for the longest-future term (possibly many thousands of years) ?


– and in that up-dating, how does the Constitution add new knowledge and know-how into itself for the forwards-movement of our  “basic needs” and essential ‘wants’ ?

Needs and wants for both Individual Human Development and Wholistic Wellness Building

e.g. Mabel Todd’s “The Thinking Body”;

Beata Jencks’s “Your Body: biofeedback at its best without instruments, machinery and artificiality and the ‘No-Lose Method III of Needs-&-Hows Recognition and Cooperative Problem Solving (Dr Thomas Gordon .


(2)  Who “owns” the Constitutional Committee

-‘controls’  in practice as well as in Law (“inaccessibly-statutorily” ?)?

(Honest-Answer –  probably the now 1,500 and further-burgeoning  Billionaires of the world (?)