English Law – and Socio-Cultural Fitnesses-for-Purpose: Marriage & Child-Rearing.

“Our” submission today to the Lords-of-the-Blog (Westminster House of Lords Baroness Deech’s post on “Divorce…”
as a reply-comment towards maude elwes’s contribution :-

A tiny-little key-note is called or here,
about “marriage” and its central-underpinning raison d’etre
namely ‘the procreation and upbringing of children’.

A small “movement” exists (worldwide I believe) the Raison d’Etre of which is [paraphrasedly] that
(1) a prospective mother is naturally-&-civilisationally able and experienced enough
to choose a quite different lifespan and social ‘father’
(up to say the child reaching age 21 by which time the child has usually achieved
self-control of all seven of the Innate Divine Human Energies [the successive ‘Chakras’; ‘Christian-sacramentals; and somatopsychjic-functional-energies]
with the help of such “full-time social”-father
[in immediacy over a yet different “godfather” and “god-mother”]

as distinct from from the simply-brief but “best-available” “biological”-‘father’.

(2) Some such “marriage-&-child rearing small-communities” exist in similar ‘spirits’ of
(a) “co-social-mothering”
as well as also further possibly
(b) co-social-fathering.

(3) Further “expedient” insight [a posteriori thinking/philosophising too ?] “goes further” –
by considering it “practically-wise” to arrange the child-rearing-community
such that the actual biological-father is only ‘known’ to the secret DNA archive;

and the biological-mother’s DNA is also thus archived

due to the need to have “egalitarian” “equalitarian” and/or “eclecticly-wholistic” co-parenting of the child/children;

(4) Hereto the ‘No-Lose’ Method III of Cooperative (“win-win-win”)
foundationing five or six enablement-steps would be a “sustainworthying-innovation” –
of 1st-Resort Needs-&-Hows Recognition and Problem Solving”
and would be of paramount necessity to be constituted and proactively implementationally-facilitated.(…)
[Before further considering the necessities of first-and-foremostly “covenance” [“love”]
within the marriage-and-child-rearing ‘scenario’
as being of a somewhat higher moral and practical element than
the (merely) materially-binding “contractual” bonds –

let me “give-way” – ]