Skimming through tonight’s Freeview channels

– for a few 5s-of-minutes timeframes – ok ? – just to glim,pse “what-s going on” or “what’s-up-doc” –

(usually begin at RT News)

but 6 is bloodthirsty “Hounds -”  [NO THANKS]
5  is cattle handling in Rural-Egypt – but also 1990s being an Egyptian “kept-woman” – in affluent-luxury –
4 Celebrity Huntged by young ‘explorers’ –
3  Midsomer Murders (the second Barnaby (and Nelson) “Murder By Magic” – started 8pm ends 10pm

2 BBC  TWO “The Balfour Declaration: Britain’s Promise to the Holy Land …
1 BBC ONE S West:  Drama: “Our Girl – 4 of 4” –

up to RT News channel 234 (“we’ll” record the forthcoming Keiser Report with Stacy Herbert’s penetratingf resedarch, (showing Big Financial “Scams” and Malfeasances)


233 SKY news
232 PARLIAMENT “Brexit Deal or No Deal”  Penetrating Scrutiny Committee in the House of Lords
231 BBC News –

[not bothering with down  the list)

79 Dave deja vu  QI XL (quite “intelligent” “knowledge-entertainment show”) Jeanne Carinon “died age 120 or so sayhing “…the only wrinkle I ever had I’m sitting on …”
37 QUEST  Mighty Cruisers
33  ITV+1  Midsomer Murders
20  Drama, Father Brown
19 Yesterday “Abandoned Engineering” – ‘Roads toi Nokwhere’
14 More4 “The Royal House of Wingsor – is really the House of Sax-Coburg in Germany by its longer history) –

 ======== self-maintenance and ‘midwaying’ refreshment-time ===== 2200 ============ Good Night,