“Our Evil History, Remedials-thereto, and New-On going ‘Normal’ Enablements – read on please -“

Author-Publisher’s badge-name John Miles :-

This month’s cafe-table showing of a basic three Foundation Guidances
for Self-&-Civilisations Co-Sustainworthying

and to provide a ‘safe-raft’
upon which to begin “lone-paddling” one’s =self into more reliable “forward-moving confluences”
and soon some longer-distance  “steadier’trade-winds'”

————  2021 T 31 Oct 2017 ————->

The key Human-Task is worded something like this :-
Whilst this Matter might seem like a Game, it is in reality-fact deadly-serious.:-

List in some orders of Prioriy,
the Human-Needs
the Hows
for best and most-affordably meeting these longest-term Needs.



Since one-human-being needs just one-human-living
sketch how the Earth’s present and future Lifesupports night be divided such that each human being ‘gets’ just one-human-living –
the surplus being deployed through Participatively-Cooperative Democratic Governance
into Common Self-&-Civilisation Co-Suistainworthying Projects and Constructive-Strategies-Implementations.


Guidance Foundations:-

(1) Our historical Human Civilisational predicament – The Dark Side of Christian History (Helen Ellerbe)
(2)  A wholistic remediation manual:- Acupressure Technique (Dr Julian Kenyon) 
(3)  Present and Future normal forward-moving self-and-mutual improvement guidances The Moving Centre (Hendrficks K and G)

———— 2053 ————