Wholesome Fitnessing Trios

The only “Earth-and Human-Life-Salvation” Body visualisable*, will be made up of “people at all levels”.

“wholesomely sustainworthying local neighbourhood trios” [i.e. three cooperatively proactive persons

meeting regularly-frequently
around a “new human-civilisation-sustainworthy proaction and constitution designing, planing and ‘testing'”

culminating via the Internet in a world-wide
“Life-Sustainworthying Plenum Body”

and its foundation guidances will be the lists published via http://lifefresh.net ; http://www.liferesh.co. uk; and http://www,one-human-living.com
(in the Basics and Foundations pages and places).

Two absolutely “non-negotiable” and prtimary “sine-qua-non” constitutional foundations will be
1.  The ‘No-Lose’ Method III oi Needs-&-Hows Recognition and Cooperative Problem Solving
[visible in its orginal publication form via Leader/Teacher/Parent/People  Effectiveness Training by Dr Thomas Gordon; via People Skills by Robert Bolton;
or by printing-out the 5-step practical guidance sequence from one of these these not-for-profit e-sites
under the heading Method III



  • * (JSDM this site author and publisher not-for-profit)