The Dominant but Failing World Governance Needs Drastic Reformation – BUT

(but) since it – the so-called “Our World” – is dominated by super-rich crooks,
wielding Constitutions and Crooked-Equations
enforced by overpaid and over-privileged-and-protected  Armed-Forces and Police-Militia
as well as by small mercenary ‘bodyguard’ teams, undercover-sharpshooter snipers,

 and one-way and “business-like aggressive” counter-hands,  managers, salesmen,people-communicators-

worldwide civilisation has become
totally incapable of producing sustain-worthy-ing human-beings.


The only way forward is to stick to the true life leaders’ publications,
all on your own

[see basics lists in  or ]

until you get ‘lucky’ enough to find one or two like-enlightened and self-awaring people
and join with them in
“peacefully mutual self co-sustainworthy-ing”.

 therein concentrating your money and efforts into that co-sustainworthying

and not into supporting,
and paying-even-more-bloating profits
into the ever-grabbing crooked hands of the life-extinctional few,
and the human-race-deluding handful,
of rich “blind-as-bats” destroyers
“at the top-of-the-heap”
ex-caring-and-ex-capable-of-learning human “leader-elites”-
– themselves malfeasantly stuck
in servitude to the historical 500 year covert tyranny of the Colonialists
andenslaved by the 5000 year old evil root
of military-aggression’s mass-slaughtering weaponry
and ill-gotten-gains “civilised” super-success infrastructuring –

still running “wild” world-wide.

And literally “rubbing s*** into the wound,
along with Americans
and other “1st world developed countries” and “educated peoples”,
are unawarely  at the duped core
of that world-wide greedy-grabbing “English-speaking-iindividually-capitalistic-“national-interest“.

=========== thank you for bearing with this “crie-de-couer” from the midst of the ugly-growing  bare-and-bloody British and World predicament =========

—— to the self-&-civilisation co-sustainworthying fronts and guidance-publications —–
————  1210  M 30 October 2017 =====