A World-Future ‘Snap’ Appreciation

Three Future Worlds are “vying” for “pride-of-place” :-

(1)  The “Trump” versus “Arab-Muslim-World” Militant Powers

(2) The Resurgent Chinese Communist Dictatorship with its World-Trade Commanding International Highway

(3)  The Self-&-Civilisational Co-Sustainworthying “under-cover-world”.


Despite the Material Dominance of the three militarily-mighty  ‘super-powers’ in (1) and (2) above
namely USA’s ‘Trump’ Self-Bloating Nationalism,
Arab-Muslim-Suicidal Jihad World Dominance Bid,
and Chinese Dictatorial World Dominance Strategy-

(3) Self-&-Civilisation Co-Sustainworthying
is the only common and win-win-win peacefully constructive foundation and proactivity
“whatever-the-predicament” – “whatever-the-scenario” –

————- once more —- over-to-you ———

——— 1153 Th 261017 ————  .