Achieving Confluentiality

Both Adversarism and Militantism embrace Global-Economics
and energetically enslave us
to Global-Economic-Growth’s crazily-imbalanced and imbalancing consumerist model.

and they “thrive” off acute-angled Conflict.

On the other hand, both Constructivism and Sustainworthyism “thrive” off Confluence.
“Waste Not Want Not” and “Many A Mickle Makes A Muckle” (“Many a little makes a lot”)

Our task, once such confluent cooperative-&-proactive-participation is being achieved
we just have to trust our personal-self, our neighbours, and the group and community we ‘belong in’,
to be making sustain-worthy and sustain-worthy-ing advances on a daily basis.


It is my gut-feeling that forming threesomes at an empty table is probably the best way of generating mutual-moral-support and energisation.

It must be a similar “gut” feeling that tells me
“so far not one of my neighbours,
nor any-one from the internet,
nor any-one out in public-places
has shown willing and able to meet at an empty table
even just the two of us” .
Alas! without face-to-face round-table commitment.
even our “true-intuitions” and “psychic-insights”
may be mere “Trickster-archetypal fantasies/ common-unconscious-deceptions / wishful-woolgatherings”.