The Survival Impasse

There may be “No Choice”

the way the Self-Concealing 5,000-year-old Global-Elite
appear to have long since
set  EarthLife-Overkill
in Concrete

Every institution,
every mass-population,
every science and technology breakthrough,
every Nation-State
and the whole of the United Nations,

is pre-owned and controlled [manipulated where not extremely-exploited]
by that miniscule few “elite” ‘fully-developed human-beings ‘cartel’

[enforced by their mesmerised militant and ‘economic’ [but unawarely-deluded] workforces –
to the various “catchment-areas” of which
even the unemployed and the unemployable
also all helplessly “belong”]-


Even our attempts at “co-sustainworthying” that inaccessible “elite”
are quashed by their “workforces” including by their “workers” after they go “home”
as well as very-covertly repressed by the unemployed and unemployable
who are also kept covertly-even-‘patrioticly’-busy
by the same “Happy-Grand-Deception”
right down to the “medically and clinicly successful ‘pain-killing‘ of ensuing
injuries, diseases, illnesses, sicknesses, unwellnesses, impairments and disabilities.'” 
[ NB  pains can only be ‘masked’ –
and over 90% of prescribed medications do absolutely nothing to cure the underlying disease or cause –
it remains there, actually worsening by being ‘masked’ –

the only real “cure” has to be by “self-healing” which whilst it can be achieved alone would be better healing-helped in advance (as well as during its onset)
by Wholistic Living and Wellness Building Services
which alas! Britain does not yet have
 {but near-bankrupt Spain actually does have !)


But who’d believe the increasing lists of officially denied good health and human-development advances being published
many already referenced in and

and in some of the people’s submissions published by
under Westminster House of Lords small-voluntary-group and Hansard/Wordpress auspices ?



—  But “Co-Sustainworthying” must retreat in ‘disarray’ again ——–
————— to “panicly rush to keep up with the dutifully consumerisming jonases majorities whomsoever” —- 1218 ————–