Solving the Earth-Life Shortfall

“It’s as if there’s an increasing number of Black-Hole-like ‘Belts’ being deliberately set up around the world –

to block people off from each other “…
JSDM 1245  1249 T 24 10 2017


That “we”
can not even agree to meet face-to-face around tables as threesomes,
in locally hired rooms,
in a virtually ‘limitless’ participatory-plenum

to focally-converse and cooperatively-discuss the facts and situational-factors that are enveloping us all

is “symptom” enough that we are “lost” –

“lost” both personally and ‘togetherly’.

This would make our whole civilisation’s “fragmenting” and “winner-takes-all-adversaryism”
simply “disgusting” and “contemptible’ –

if it weren’t for the inherently-insidious Evil that is growing and separating us, everywhere.

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