1405 Tuesday —-> Reversing the Shortfall

Time-framing – is the already top-priority
most urgent and important
not of such local-flaming-issues as
“bringing peace to the Middle East”

but of

drasticly reducing our general human numbers and the  “wasters”-numbers all around the world:-

(1)  “wasters” – notably those failing to produce longest-term sustain-worthy-ing
whilst theirselves drawing far in excess of one-human-living each from the Common Environment and Purse;

(2)  general numbers – beginning with “voluntary-euthanasees” –[already up-front would come many millions of medical-sufferers]

(3)   Problem-Question:  At what rate must the number of mouths be reduced,
in time to effectively redress the already-hopeless im-balance and shortfall
between Human-Numbers
and Earth’s One-Way-Dwindling Lifesupports and Longest-Term  Carrying-Capacity ?



 ——– 1405 ————-