1847 M231017 ———-> New ?

There can’t be anything share-ably
and environmentally-supportively
“new” –

not until the prevailing Militant, Political, Educational, Health, Religious, and Community
Organisations and their ‘Leading-People’

how im-perfect they are
and how “perfectly-deluded” ” their whole being has actually been “made”

none of us can even begin “saving Life on Earth”
until those elite-powered few – up there way above the very top of the squirming-human-pyramid –
and their multi-millionsof heftily-overpaid
but and under-performing
Governments, Academias, and “Middle Classes” –
“come down to Earth”

and realise how much better they need to learn how to be “doing” Life instead of “doing-it-in
and to be “co-governing” both All-Earth-Life
especially focally
all of the Human Life Surplus
especially egalitarianly-cooperatively  “their own”-


and most vitally of all, you few elite now faced with this Earth’s Prematurely Human-Designed Collapse –
realise and begin remedy-ing
your own non-sustain-worthy and un-worthy continuances
into even more  waste, pollution,
and the overall ‘scuttling’ of both the whole of Human Civilisation and of the Living-Earth itself

and show yourselves transparently and emulably willing and able
to become “yesterday” each thriving off just £300 per week in the Lifeplace

and to be 100% positivisingly-contructively conducting the World-Workplace


For you others somewhat akin to this “not-for-profit publisher” – “on the ground” but “by the billion”

and for you there-among the individual truly “Self-and-Civilisation Co-Sustainworthying” attempting  person

we can but be trying more self-enabling –
and wherever it can be co-made to happen –
to become co-enabling

here’s another long-neglected but excellent “life” and “co-life” guidance source

Movement for Self-Healing by Meir Schneider

and let’s “hope” most of us will be moving forward on the same line of the same page in at least this one guidance-source —

========= 1220 M 23 October 2017 =========

[ please to be not forgetting
to your-self also be making some basic Clear Thinking and Reasoning familiarisation,
and hopefully willing ‘co-progress’ with one or more other “sustainworthiers” or “would-be-sustainworthies”.. ]


Perhaps the best possible thing we can hope for, and do, is
find a “sustain-worthy-ing” group of sober-minded people,
and proactively join in –


Best wishes
Good. luck.


===== JSDM ====== 1847 M 23 10 2017 =============
🙂  ——————->