“Wholistic” – more than ‘just another buzz-word’

Also as “Holistic

but “Wholistic” intimates “Wholesomeness” and “Wholesome Health”


That ‘out-of-the-way’ something vital arises in “wholistic health and whoilistic living” –

similarly to the somewhat ‘idiotic’ “There’s no gain without pain”

the truth of this on-the-ground in ‘real-living-experience’ is
Without discomfort the living-being would no longer be living !”

So whilst it is both “survivally” and “personally”  ‘right’ to optimise your pleasure,
that pleasure needs to be “real-healthy-living-supportive”
and to be being ever re-balanced against Life’s inherent “pains” –

so in words now

be ever optimising your pains too” .


All of which really ‘adds-up-to’
Live within your limits,
by both frequently finding them
and practicing ‘reaching-out’ to each limit
without going
and especially without remaining or being
any of them

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