End-of-The-World Companions –

Yes, the Human-World is actually already zipping past the Point-of-No-Return into The Extinbction –

Humans Bulldogly-Bitterly ;:  “If we’re sinking down into extinction, we’re damn-well taking all Earth’s Liesupports with us –
so they’d better shape-up quick”


The right books by your elbow can really help you at least in “mind”
to as it were “still stand clear”
of the already-being-made-to-happen “Great-Human-Civilisational-Collapse”.

One such “companion” just arrived at my Lifeplace Computer Corner – Lewis Dartnell’s

The Knowledge – how to rebuild our world after an apocalypse
Critic Stephen Baxter says
“Impeccably researched and beautifully written … makes me proud of all we humans have achieved –
and dismayed at how much we have to lose.
You need to read this book.” ————->

“Self-&-Civilisation Co-Sustainworthying” — wise, howver  –

you need to be establishing highly-intercommunicable networks of “threesome-round-tables” –

by means of which to “growingly” engage and appropriately ‘place’  in a Local face-to-face “Threes-network”  every human-being on Earth today -”
So –

  What existing places are there with sufficiently ‘neutral’ tables
(preferably already “round” but the essential is “neutrally empty”)
whereat three-persons coujld sit and constructively discuss this Earfth and our Human predicament upon it now –

{PS  I myself am still looking for two peeple – and we’d need to be three ‘complete strangers’ – to start such a three-some-round-table }

————- 2031 —————–