Likewise under 0 = nought – our “UNCONSCIOUS” ‘minds’ – and memories – are at work “preparing” our conscious minds and movements without our ever knowing it – or “sensing” what the parts-of-the-unconsciopus-‘mind’ are already doing, and have done –

so “projecting” [“expecting” to be ‘out there’ rather than within one-self] is happening
without one being aware that it is in fact a major controlling part of our “operating systems” –
even of say our “modus operandi” –

so, as the Jungians say “catch the projection”
[be on the qui vive for your own ‘unaware’ expectation as it comes across or just behind your mind – – –

must go now — “projections to catch up with ! ————->



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The Sustainworthying “Tree”

The individual human being needs to be advancing (like a ‘clean’ tree growing).

(1)  maintaining their self healthy, Earth-citizenlike and environmentally-supportive, upon just one-human-living
[UK say £300 per week, neither  ‘permanently’ nor ‘privately’  ‘owning’ any ‘competitively-valuable’ asset]

(2)  be helping at least two other individuals to be doing likewise and progressing as a sustainworthying-‘threesome’.

(3)  be joining with such sustainworthying-committed others to make their common environment(s), civilisation and ultimately whole human world, sustainworthying.

———- 0515   ‘common-cold’ and remnant injuries weaknesses cause me to refresh and rest