‘Mystery’ words –

Words —->  “O Worship The King All Glorious Above “

Many if not all words need scrutinising;
and so do their connected meanings
and most vitally of all, their “senses ‘on-the-ground ‘”.

I [this esite publisher] attended tenants training programmes under both William Sutton & Tor Homes and South and West Devon Housing auspices;
at one of which the Issue was “Immigrants” –

and the awkward question was voiced “How can we make them fit in ?” and the silence was even more ‘awkward’/;
so I raised my hand, and said “Start by listing our common-needs, perhaps ?”
Which got the short-order quashment by a longstanding tenant of some ‘ever-present-power’
“We all know what our needs are”
with such finality that the out front leader had to “move on”.


The Private World …”
[this one is a real “evil brood of vipers” starting today with the BBC reporting
the “safe private medical treatments and surgeries of the super-private-wealthy”;

and not ending with “private-assets, incomes, super-injunction-rights, and Mediterranean inter-oceans luxury yachts – “

nor with “what I earn is my private business – and so is how I spend it”.


“The Global Community -“


——–   scrutinise  please ——–

======================================      0430 W 18 10 17 =======================================



Instance:  Yesterday (Monday 16 10 17
on the Derriford Hospital stairwell
where I was needing to pull my trolley up to level 7 to reconnoitre the restaurant’s lunchtime offers,
people kept interrupting my disabilities-impairments limiting progress
thus both distracting, annoying, and ‘de-energising’ me
but also holding up other ordinary people’s speedyish lunchtime advance to, and from, “the upstairs”
via the one-abreast avenue past me-and-my-trolley
(the latter being kept strictly behind me in the other avenue [that stairway being ‘two-abreast’])

on the mostly loudish “pretext” “you need help with that trolley” ———-> etcetera etcetera ……………>

the positivising-point
that followed one female nurse’s ‘aggressive-intervention’ to wrest the trolley from my hand
but in so doing had pinched by forefinger which had already been scratched
[but the Warfarin-bleeding just patiently “handkerchief” stopped (by myself) –
and was awaiting my arrival at a chair and table
so that I could apply the Bandaids
just purchased from the downstairs outside Chemist ] –

so there was my fingertip again bleeding and again handkerchiefable, the Bandaids being difficult to open anyway – (the point here now) –

whilst having also navigationally ‘escaped’ other “interventions”
[notably by a strongly-smiling and uniformed  “expert-in-falls” man
who fortunately had already read my vital little badge about “making life ‘sustainworthier‘” –
but had replaced that key common worldwide need with the much ‘easier-to-remember-and-take-immediate-advantage-of – name ( “John” -) –

so the restaurant being not only chock-a-block with all sorts and conditions of ‘men’ –
but the heating being more like the Sahara Desert in mid-summer than being the going modernisticly-“cool” –

I found myself ‘retreating
for the fingertip-hankie –

down and all the way to the bus-stop for Yelverton [where I normally’ practice playing hymns on their organ] –

with 3 minutes in-hand

which I used-up
exploring the ‘spot’ and ‘long’ bandaids for ease-of-access – and

lo and behold
discovered that provided one has a longish fingernail or two,
one can actually find a tiny-little space under the red-end-plastic,
by means of which to fairly-fast-enough [we’re not actually ‘bleeding-to-death’]

( the point )

{[(   breaths all round   )]}

=========== 0935 today’s chores call ===============

as a quick ‘instance’ –
in the above British and English National Health Service ‘protracted-incident-on-the Health stairway  –
{ not ‘the stairway to the stars’ we’re all-in-this-together’ supposed to be building)  –
[a ‘connective’ word I learned in  Toastmasters International North Brisbane Australia, assisted by my already ex-wife Adela Lewandowska –
{[( now in Plymouth currently imprisoned under a “Deprivation of Liberty Order” in Amberley Care Home Plympton)]} –
in the 199Ts]

================= 0840 approx Tuesday 17      ================ –



Especially often, we need the words that have been “missed-out” of what the experts tell us –

The key “mind-functional” thing is to select words
that are “owned” and “wielded” by “powers-that-be” with “population-wide generic-suppression effect” –
simply because “we” [The People] as economically-hard-working people “All In This Together” –
trust the elected, appointed, and higher-tertiary-qualified “experts”, mostly  in much higher pay-grades, to know and do better than we could.


Take a few facts surrounding the Medical and Legal professions [the two most ‘prestigious’ of all careers]:-
Senior and Emeritus professors have agreed that
“You can become the best doctor or the best lawyer in the whole world –
without any education whatsoever !”
[The secret is “But you must have all the best training
and then the best job-placements.-

but you won’t need any education.
When in 1978 the United Nations declared the new much wider-stretching “Primary Health Care” document
[in ‘grass-roots’ contrast to the pre-existing  Primary Medical Care ‘specialist-monopolistic’ Practices]
both the British and the American Medical and Government Professions “spin-doctored” its main thrust
[which was to start building Wellness and Wholistic-Health-  including self-healthing” – worldwide,
in contrast to Medically & Strictly Clinically-Curing-Diseases and Illnesses]

such that the whole Declaration was “procrustean-like” made to fit within the existing dominant “Primary Medical Care”.

The UN’s newly envisaged wider title shingle of “Primary Health Self Care”
quickly became governmentally and medical-sector “hijacked”
and was erected everywhere outsde Medical Clinics -.purporting to be Primary Health Care.

There it remains throughout Britain to this day,
approaching 40 years later;
a “dog-in-manger” guzzler of Funds
called the “NHS – National Health Service”

whilst Spain
(a near bankrupt Nation)
has established both the modern medical
and the separate wholistic-health-and wellness building

 There is still no separate-from-medical Wholistic Health Building Service in Britain;

even doctors and statespersons on UK TV documentary record have said
“Britain has never had a Health Service
– but the [so-called] National Health Service has always been a good illnesses and hospitals sector.


Now –
Try to get some legal support or just recognition – to be “building your own wholesome health” –
on your own, from the best published knowledge and know-how
(not curing yourself of illnesses, nor about anything else medical –
you still need to go to the doctor for such specialised “clinical” treatments and expertises )

I actually went to the local AgeUK lawyer to find such ‘legal-support’ and was told bluntly
“Under English Law there is no such entity as “health” – so sorry, can’t help you”

“Of course if you’ve a million pounds,
£2 million up front would be better,
we’d have to take your case, including to the very highest courts and to the United Nations too -“

[I signalled “no such luck – I’m a mere pensioner”]
Came the lawyer’s clincher:
“We’d probably lose even then”.

========= 2354 ============


Did you know that originally the term “iatrogenic” meant not only “caused by the doctor/physician/professional”
but also

“failure to tell (the patient) vital information of any relevant kind puts the onus for iatrogenic injury or healing-failure squarely upon the omitting-doctor’s shoulders” –
you didn’t  ?
well now you do –

———– let’s you and me go ‘off-duty’ —————-> 1824