is when you and you alone have
(1) with your next in-breath used it to detach from a non-sustainworthy habit –
{I here at the key-table can never operate as anything higher than 2nd Order, so  -)

whether that “bad” or “wrong” or “non-sustainworthy” habit
is one of your own
or one of anyone upon whom you depend
and/or who depends upon you —
is for the Sustainworthy-&-Sustainworthying 1st Order Committeds to governancially-advise.

(2) made and are continuing to make your worldly-stand proactively
in downgrading into possible ultimate elimination
non- and un-sustain-worthy-&-sustain-worthy-ing things and people
(including every non-sustainworthying individual-person
every collective-gody and organisation
and any non-sustainworthying ‘goods-and-services’;)

=============2003   we give way for 1st Order Sustainworthying Committeds and other 2nd Order Links ————>