0320 ——-> 0830 Sn 08 10 17 ——–>


but trusting someone’s stood-in and networking-patched ———–>


Miles, J  is apologising he is unable to be filling-in with organ between morning services today …

===================0910  self-careful-therapying and minimal self-stretching timeframings now please ——————>



Freeview TV channels monitoring
(versus)  Following us here in http://freeview.net
with “Your Body – at its best without artificiality”
(Beata Jencks)

Freeview channel Blaze:  Expose  of Sex Toys dangers –
vibrating dildos (artificial penises) – that “pinch your thighs – “you know you gotta keep trying it – you know – -” say the “inspectors”


Recording RT News documentary Oksano “WSorlds Apart”  –  she is ‘cross-questioning’
“shocking law enforcements People having to be protected against their Police Fortces [in many countries]”-

“Battered Identities”

===========0339  must rest  ===============

and within-own-limits minimally lone-aelf-moving trying

The book man’s right –

“We are what we’ve been waiting for.”-

freecelled;  chessed  ;

now 0240 tracking TV channels

channel 10 teleshopping “paid to invade (our my  TV)”

channel 9 (buddhists tibet ? – prayer-wheel and bowing “ritualling” is simply a
“marking time”.

channel 6  “bloke-on-bouncing-ball” Totally Bonkers World Records

0251  5  Supercasino going for ‘spins’ –

4 Hollyoaks  “my way” “cocktails” – bottles of glass-or-plastic-sealed-in ‘drinkables’
0255   3  Jackpot 247  Table Closed (still spinning – though -)

2  “A Nightingale Sangf In Berkeley Square” (new-hash)  [I scrapped it]

1  WW2 fill-in snaps – BBC News -Duncan didadida –  Hurriucane Barbuda  UN’s  Antonio Guterres
“They need the support of all the international communities”  [Blah !  – welcome to we other 7 billion-odd NON-international comunitarians – “we the left outs-” ]


========================  rest the eyes ==================