Earth’s Life-Supports In Decline is also a “Non-Negotiable”

the House of Lords’s small peer group “two-way democratic reaching-out to the Public” currently about ‘No-Fault’ Divorce;

“we” have submitted today further


07/10/2017 at 5:16 pm

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The world is in an increasingly “extinction-ensuring” blindly quicksanded sinking mode;
still founded upon
(i) the 5,000 years ago political and inter-civilisation mindset “regular destructive wars to ‘acquire’ surpluses”
[see David C, Korten’s “The Great Turning – from Empire to Earth Community” ](ii) the 500 years old European Colonialisation Drives which also still operative.and also are dominantly benefiting the few-elite at the expense of both the Earth’s “carrying-capacity” and the World-Peoples resilience and fitness-for-Life-Purpose.
[ see “The Divide” by Jason Hickel].Small wonder that nothing is “sacred” not even Marriage
and the raising of healthy and longest-term sustain-worthy
and sustainworthying
Families and Communities.

This huge underlying and overarching Fault of our Civilisation
makes ‘No-Fault’ Divorce “a mind-functional impossibility”
as well as a socially-inhibitive and hugely-costly material “mere band-aid”!

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